As a queer woman of color, I became a wedding photographer and filmmaker to capture the love that transcends life's challenges. My art helps me show that profound love transcends hatred and through this practice, I am able to help others view me through my lens. I love sharing this with my clients by using the different intersections of my identities to relate to the challenges we all face in a world where opinions on our self-image can be so unforgiving.

It can be hard to be your most honest self, which is why we will work together and have lots of conversations while planning your wedding so that we can get to know each other. Making space for the intimate, meaningful moments in your day creates unforgettable memories that we will make last a lifetime through photos and videos. By the time the big day comes, hopefully I'll feel like an old friend just serving as a "fly on the wall" - most couples don't notice me capturing the candid laughs during reception toasts or sneak kisses while slow dancing. 


Lead Photographer & Videographer

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