I'm a wedding photographer and filmmaker with a heart deeply rooted in adventure, intentionality, and authenticity. My journey into capturing the essence of intimate and adventurous weddings began with my own experiences and values, especially as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I've always believed that love knows no bounds, and my work reflects this belief.

I specialize in documenting intimate weddings and elopements that defy traditional norms, set against the breathtaking backdrop of nature. Whether it’s a serene lakeside, a rugged mountain top, or a tranquil beach at sunset, I find joy in capturing the beauty and raw emotions of your special day. My approach is personal, treating each wedding as a unique story waiting to be told through my lens.

As someone who values creativity, I will collaborate closely with you to ensure every detail reflects your relationship’s unique journey and personality. I thrive on adventure, and I'm always ready to capture your special moments, whether it involves hiking to a mountain peak or running along the beach. It’s about creating memories that are as vivid and alive as the experiences themselves.

Photography and filmmaking for me are not just about capturing your wedding day; it's about capturing the start of your legacy. I aim to provide an experience that’s relaxed and genuine, making you feel like you're sharing your day with a longtime friend. My style is documentary and engaging, perfect for couples who want their story told in a natural and authentic way.

I understand the importance of creating a wedding day that's a true reflection of who you are. My goal is to capture your personality, your love, and the essence of your relationship in every shot. Because at the end of the day, these are not just photos; they are the beginning of your story together, a story that I would be honored to tell.


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